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They say, “You’re Always Smiling Every Time I See You.”

If you know me, have been coached by me, or attended any of my trainings, I have shared at least one of my mantras on perspective and personal development:

1. “We are all in this together.”
2. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”
3. “Everything happens not only for a reason – but for a good reason.”
4. “Nothing in all of creation can exist without balance – even chaos.”
5. “You can only control you. Control what you can – influence the rest.”
6. “If you couldn’t handle it [insert challenge] – it wouldn’t be upon you.”
7. “When facing a challenge – open your arms and ask it “what have you come to teach me.”
8. “There will always be someone ahead of you to answer to, and someone behind you to inspire!”
9. “Suspend judgment just long enough to see a new set of possibilities for yourself and others.”
10. “The cultivation of one’s self is the root of everything.”™

These truths that life has been kind enough to reveal to me control the weather in my head like a thermostat. They are present when I connect with the energy of new people, evaluate new situations, and face new challenges. They enable me to find the beauty in, and be encouraged by even the tiniest speck of light in the darkest hours before dawn. And, to search myself for a way out of whatever challenge I likely had some responsibility in getting myself into.

These truths have been hard earned and some at great cost. Yet, I see that every challenge overcome adds new tools to my proverbial toolbelt. Tools that I know will serve me well at some later point on my journey, to jump a new hurdle or open a door that had appeared irrevocably locked. They are my rose colored glasses through which I choose to see the world.

My life’s contribution is to connect with the people that God puts on my path, as we together, cultivate the best humanity by first cultivating our best selves. The goal of my work is to help as many people as possible to lead lives that reflect their essential truths and the spirit of the human condition – connectedness.

I am so grateful to be answering my highest calling and encouraging others to do the same.

With Gratitude,

My Trusted Partners

I am proud of my partners who work with me to deliver world-class solutions in individual and organizational learning and development, and community building around the world.